Increase in Cyber Attacks on the Australian Government and Businesses


What are Cyber Attacks?

We often hear how cybercriminals use computers to assault other computers and networks. These attacks steal data, breach data security, and maliciously disable computers. Cyber-attacks come in many forms from phishing software, malware, ransomware, and more.

If left unchecked, businesses can become easy prey to cybercriminals.

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Why Have These Attacks Increased?

On June 19, Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed the dangers of a “sophisticated state-based cyber actor” targeting Australian organisations and businesses across different sectors.

In research conducted, over 89% of IT professionals firmly believed that COVID-19 has significantly increased the risks of cyber-attacks on businesses. Data from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) state that only 40% of tech professionals in Australia were confident with their current cybersecurity systems. 

While Prime Minister Morrison did not formally name which state was behind recent cyberattacks, senior officials confirmed that China is a prime suspect. These attacks are ongoing and prove to be a constant threat to Australians.

As the government implements strategies to protect Australians from the imminent threat of cyber-attacks, you must be vigilant in the midst of these attacks.

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