Hardware & software

Downtime Asssassin can source and supply almost any IT infrastructure required from the highest-quality brands, along with supplying a vast range of software and hosting products and solutions.

If you require software, we can recommend and supply the right solutions from backup applications to anti-virus programs. This includes cloud subscriptions and platforms such as Office 365 and Google Apps.

Server hosting & cloud data storage

Downtime Assassin can provide website and domain hosting, along with scalable cloud storage solutions for your data. If your business is highly mobile and decentralised, and you want to avoid dependency on location-centric hardware, we offer cloud-hosted server rental for storing your data. Cloud hosting enables your data to stay easily accessible, wherever you are, and whenever you need it.

Secure offsite backup

Data is the lifeblood of a business, and regular, secure backups to protect and store your information safely are vital – especially in this digital age. At Downtime Assassin, we partner with Datto, the leading provider of backup solutions for your data, hosted securely offsite and easily accessible when you need it. Datto offers proven ransomware detection to protect the backups and ensure your data is always available within minutes from the cloud.

We can help your business increase efficiency and reduce downtime