Why Servers Need Maintenance

server maintenance


Servers rank high among essential pieces of office automation. A server is considered the nerve centre of business operations: the main conduit for the flow of information and working processes throughout a business’ internal network. As with all other office equipment, a server needs maintenance every so often to prevent excessive downtime or lags in the flow of information throughout the network.

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What is server maintenance?

Server maintenance is the act of ensuring that essential software suites are updated regularly to ensure the smooth running of a computer network.

Relevant tasks include the following:

  • Periodic assessment of server performance, which calls for checking on the speed of information flow and seeing if internal processes are running smoothly;
  • Regular diagnostics to check for any issues that may lead to network slowdowns or systemic failure;
  • Ensuring that utilities for systems monitoring are correctly installed and configured;
  • Identifying potential security risks and dealing with threats; and
  • Regular data back-up and archiving.


While some companies have on-site teams for server maintenance, others choose to outsource their maintenance needs to a third-party managed IT services provider. Either way, a company must have a standardised server maintenance plan in place.

Why is server maintenance needed?

As stated earlier, regular server maintenance is necessary for the continued, issue-free operation of a company’s internal network. Remember: even in these times when people have been forced to work from home, corporate network servers run 24/7, which means that processes need to run continuously. Keeping everything in good shape, so to speak, ensures that these go on running without a hitch. 

How can Rule Technology ensure that your server is properly maintained?

If you’re in Perth and looking for a managed IT services provider to keep your servers in check, you’ve come to the right place. An award-winning IT support company, Rule Technology offers many options for server monitoring and maintenance. Thanks to our team of IT experts, you can be sure that your server is in the most capable hands. Give us a call at 1300.823.226 or request a complimentary IT appraisal online.


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