Zero Trust Network Access – Trusted gateway by IT Support Teams

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What is Zero Trust Network Access?

It is an IT security solution that uses clearly defined access control policies to provide secure remote access to the services, data, and applications of an organisation. Unlike Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) grants access to specific applications or services. VPNs grant access to the entire network.

Here are 4 Benefits of using ZTNA

1. Reducing the Risk of a Data Breach 

The organisation assumes every workload, device and user is hostile because of zero trust. Therefore, the organisation continually inspects and verify each user and device before permitting any access to data. If an attacker uses a compromised device to access the network, the attacker will still not be able to steal data. 

2. Reducing Business and Organisational Risk 

The organisation assumes all services and applications are malicious because of zero trust. So, the organisation must positively verify its identity attributes. 

The services and applications must meet the authorisation and authentication requirements. Zero trust can reduce risk since it uncovers how the assets communicate on the network. 

3. Supporting Compliance Initiatives

Organisations can use zero trust to shield all workload and users from the internet. The organisation can use fine-grained controls to create perimeters around their sensitive data, including data backups, credit card data, or PCI. So, the controls can keep regulated data and non-regulated data separate from each other. 

4. Providing Access Control 

One of the main reasons organisations hesitate to move to and use the cloud is the loss of access management and visibility. The organisation using the cloud and the cloud service provider shares the responsibility of the workload security. They can, therefore, use zero trust architecture to protect their assets. 

It is beneficial to hire an IT support provider to design a zero-trust architecture to protect your sensitive data. If you are looking for a Perth-based IT support provider to help your business in Western Australia, contact Rule Technology for all your IT Support needs.

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