Cybersecurity Tips For Working From Home

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When the pandemic started, offices shut down, and work resumed online. Yet with cyber attacks increasing, how do you ensure you’re safe when working from home? Here are some cybersecurity tips to help protect yourself from digital attacks.

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How To Maintain Safe Remote Working During COVID-19?

Office work now involves video conferencing like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. These applications help with doing remote work without delay. However, they can also compromise your privacy and security. 

For your peace of mind, below are three essential cybersecurity measures to consider when working from home:

1. Secure a VPN connection

Internet users widely use Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to imitate a particular area’s location to avoid geographic restrictions on some content online. Remote workers can also use VPN to access their corporate network. Along with VPN, you should supplement other tools that help configure, secure, and monitor breaches.

2. Consolidate cloud-based applications

Remote workers widely use Cloud-based apps. Because of that, hackers can easily hack your system or inject malicious code. One thing that can help secure your data is to have a strong password. Remote workers should also enable a two-step authentication system and add an email or text message confirmation to be safer.

3. Train employees to avoid phishing

Phishing is the most common type of cyber attack in the online community. Cybercriminals gather your personal information and use it for fraud. Companies should start orienting the employees on how to avoid and spot phishing

Company guidelines should include awareness of phishing in the program manuals of every company. This would prevent employees from falling for click baits and not sharing any personal information mindlessly.

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