Five Benefits of Managed IT Services

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These days, running a business isn’t just about taking care of your core focus. It also involves what happens behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation of your company. 

Managed IT services are part of the back-of-the-office scene. Availability of these services as opposed to doing it all yourself can have numerous benefits for your company.

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Five Benefits of Managed IT Services

1. Improves Productivity in the Workplace

Did you know that unplanned network or server downtime can seriously cost your company? According to a study done by IBM, the average employee stands to lose 12.4 hours of productivity per year thanks to server issues and 6.2 hours annually due to network troubles. 

Availing of managed IT services can help minimise this serious drop in productivity as having these can significantly reduce server and network issues by over 85 percent. Not only that but having a more productive workforce can also reduce operational costs.

2. A Sound Corporate Investment

Many companies baulk at the notion of getting managed IT services, reasoning that it’s an unnecessary expense. But hear us out when we say getting managed IT services can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. 

Getting a reliable managed IT services provider allows you to downsize on-site infrastructure as you rely on their data centre. It also reduces the cost of licensing, training, as well as consulting, as these are included in whichever service package you signed up for. As a result, having managed IT services essentially streamlines your operations.

3. Consider it a Regular Operational Cost

As we said, everything from server space, equipment, and personnel are covered under a single monthly fee. The cost is considerably lower than paying maintenance costs for equipment or additional wages for on-site staff.

4. Expert Technical Assistance Whenever You Need It

If you’re thinking of the concept that “time is gold,” then having IT problems bog down staff productivity or put initiatives at a standstill will cost you a pretty penny. Having a managed IT service provider handle these issues and will certainly take the load off your mind. 

You can put in a quick call for technical assistance, and things can get back on track within minutes.

5. Improves Your Company’s Productivity as a Whole

Managed IT services significantly improves uptime to ensure that all operations will run unhampered by technical issues. Indeed, on a financial level, you can save up a considerable sum annually when you have a trusted managed IT services provider at your side.

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