How to Ensure Your Business is Protected from Ransomware

ransomware cyber attack

Official statistics from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) suggest that ransomware is responsible for more than half of Australia’s data breaches for the first six months of this year. How insidious is this cyber-attack and how do you make your business ransomware-proof?

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What is Ransomware?

By the name itself, ransomware is a malware that attacks your computer, phone, and other devices by locking you out of them. You will not be able to use and access your data until you pay a certain amount of ransom to the instigator.

This malicious software craftily conceals itself as you obtain them through fake email attachments, untrusted websites, downloaded content, and hyperlinks in messaging applications.

How To Protect Your Business From Ransomware?

There are four ways to protect your business from Ransomware.

  • Orient employees about the mechanics of the malware and the damage it could inflict.
  • Safeguard files by routine backups done through a cloud or physical storage.
  • Install software fit to detect and counter such malware in every employee’s computer or device.
  • Limit user privileges 
  • Partner with a professional IT Managed Service Provider dedicated to protecting your business from similar cyber-attacks. 

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What To Do If Your Device Is Locked By Ransomware?

The first and smartest thing you should do when Ransomware locks you out is to never pay the attacker. Paying the ransom does not mean you can have your access back with absolute certainty.

If you give your banking credentials, you are making yourself vulnerable to exploitation and potentially more malware attacks. The best step to take is to restore your files and data from its backups or seek help from professional IT technicians.

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How Rule Technology’s Perth-Based IT Support Can Help Protect Your Business?

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